Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator

Professional Summary:

  • Twenty+ years of extensive experience in the IT industry, with 15+ years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator plus Trainer. Involved with the databases from ideas to modeling, designing, developing, implementing and administering; utilizing ITIL Services Oriented Framework: strategy, design, transition, operation & then CSI, on 24x7x365 OLTP databases, as well as mission critical Data Warehouses (DSS), which includes installations/patching/upgrading, support to applications & working with Oracle Support; creating SRs/escalations (as needed), proactive space management, backup/recovery & cloning, networking, monitoring & managing of users, performance tuning of databases & applications, worked on almost all the different variants of Oracle databases; 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/8.x/7.x; using SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, RAC/OPS (Oracle Parallel Server), Data Guard/ Standby Database (Physical/Logical), DataPump, Oracle Enterprise Manager, OMS & Oracle Grid on Unix/Linux & Windows platforms.
  • A highly qualified, experienced & core database administrator plus trainer and an Oracle expert with hands-on experience in database management & administration across Oracle platforms and its related technologies, delivering projects to optimize performance, stability, and security of core Oracle infrastructure components. Leverages expert knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to deliver bespoke solutions tailored towards specific business requirements. An extremely confident communicator capable of achieving synergies between technical and non-technical teams/domains to facilitate the successful delivery of corporate-wide projects. A supportive and effective leader of cross-functional teams who thrives in dynamic and fast-paced working environments
  • Expert in all phases of Business Intelligence (DW) development lifecycle; Business Modeling à Data Modeling à Data Sources à ETL à Data Warehouse à Data Marts/OLAP
  • Strong Understanding of different flavors of UNIX/Linux; OEL/RH, HP UNIX, AIX, Sun Solaris.
  • Proficient in use of ERWIN/Visio for Logical and Physical database design.
  • Passionate with strong & proven background of successful implementation of processes & standards across IS in Fortune 500 companies.
  • Team player with excellent communication and problem-solving skills; helps to bridge the gaps, between all the relevant parties; IT on-site/off-site, or even non-IT-business/management/leadership
  • Experienced in designing, implementing, managing & conducting; educational sessions, training & mentoring DBAs, junior DBAs/developers, end users, as well as clients too.

Databases: Oracle Engineered Systems (Exadata/ODA), Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 8 & 7, MySql, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Server

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, XML, Perl, & Unix Shell

Oracle Products: OEM 12c, RAC, Data Guard with DG Broker, OAS/Wallet/ /TDE, OVD, ACFS, Data Masking, Redaction, Obfuscation, LogMiner, CDC/Streams, Fine-Grained Access Control, Advanced Queuing, Data Pump, SQL Developer, Oracle Applications 11.0/11i, ASM, Grid,  Oracle Diagnostics and Tuning Pack, Enterprise Manager/Grid Control, RMAN, AWR, SQL* Loader

OS: Oracle Linux, AIX 6.1, HP UNIX, Solaris, SCO, Windows 2000/NT, Novell Netware

Designing tools: Erwin, Visio 2001, Designer 6i

Other Applications: CMDB, Nimsoft, Tripwire, NetBackup, DBArtisan, TOAD, Business Objects, Data Stage, Exceed, Legato

Hardware: Oracle Exadata/ODA Machines, Dell PowerEdge, HP-9000 series, Sun Sparc/Fire V440, T2000, IBM RISC-6000, Digital Alpha, Compaq Proliant (1500, 2000, 1200), Compaq Prosignia 300.

Certifications: Oracle 9i, 8i, 8 & 7.3 Certified Professional Database Administrator
IBM Certified Specialist DB2 UDB Version 6/7


  • Migration of business-critical DB from 11204 (single instance) to 12102 (2 nodes RAC cluster) to pluggable DB
    successfully, along with Golden Gate Replication; integrated Extract -> Classic Replicat.
  • Real Application Testing/RAT: capture from single instance 11g & replay on 2 nodes 12c RAC cluster, with
    business critical times.
  • Extensive Golden Gate troubleshooting for 2 nodes RAC cluster; DDL issues + file locking scenario
  • OEM 13c implementation on a 3 nodes RAC cluster + configuring & setting up alerting/notification mechanism.
  • End to end implementation of 4/3 nodes RAC Cluster (12c @ RH 7) in 2 data centers, Primary/DR combination
  • Golden Gate Best Practice implementations for Oracle to Oracle, Oracle to flat file/Netezza & Oracle to Sybase.
  • Complete Golden Gate Implementation, with the best practices, standards & processes
  • DB Consolidation of 20+ databases/16+ servers, to 3 nodes RAC & ODA appliance.
  • Oracle Wallet @ACFS for PCI/Sox compliance on a standalone DB
    3 nodes RAC Grid Upgrade + PSU Patch + Bug fix
  • Migrated successfully an IVR solution DB from standalone to 11204 Exadata appliance, utilizing column
    compression & interval partitions
  • Setup Oracle Golden Gate to help in propagating information between databases.
  • Installed/configured OEM 12c & agents, along with
    Cloned a RAC DB (2 nodes) from another RAC DB backup.
  • Flashback certain tables to a certain time in the past,
    FGAC, CTAS/CAST, Implemented CDC/Streams (Change Data Capture) setup,
    Several Advanced Queue successful configuration/implementation.
  • 11gR2 RAC implementation on Suse 10 Enterprise Server.
  • Datapump refreshes across databases via DB link, along with Intense SQL profiling & tuning.
  • Manual Upgrade from 9207 to 10203, plus automatic statistics gathering, partition maintenance automation, &
    resource manager configuration.
  • Worked on MySql/PostgreSQL & SQL Server databases

SuperOracle, Inc., Chicago IL (www.SuperOracle.com)
Team Lead – Oracle & SQL Server DBA/Architect
Apr, 2016 – to date

Managing a team of 3 DBAs; 2 Oracle & 1 Sql Server. Migrated a business critical Oracle db from 11204 (single
instance) to 12102 (2 nodes RAC cluster) /pluggable db successfully, along with Golden Gate Replication; integrated
Extract -> Classic Replicat. Did extensive Real Application Testing: from single instance 11g (capture) to 2 nodes 12c
RAC cluster (replay), keeping critical business times while capturing/testing; after doing some tweaking, able to
reduce the divergence and db /cpu time differences. Goldengate uni-direction setup/configuration & extensive
troubleshooting; for 2 nodes RAC cluster, their integrated extract got abandoned, due to DDL issues + file locking
scenario, configured on ACFS, assisted in initial load & lag issues, installed OEM 12c GG plugin for monitoring.
Single instance OEM 12c configuring, adding hosts/targets, & setting up alerting/paging notification mechanism for
different groups of database.
Managing & Monitoring Sql Server dbs; primarily working on PROD, taking care of all the alerts/pages, managing
jobs, replication, change management.
Completed successfully OEM 13c implementation on a 3 nodes RAC cluster + configuring & setting up alerting/
paging notification mechanism.
Successfully implemented 4 Oracle 12c RAC 3 nodes clusters on RH7.2, a primary & DR (Oracle Active Data
Guard) combination in 2 different data centers.
Setup & configure complete RMAN backup & recovery strategy with EMC Networker.
Prepare a complete/end to end implementation document for this project, covering all aspects of this whole
implementation with sufficient details.

State Street, Boston MA
Golden Gate Architect/Administrator & DBA
Jan 2016 – to date

  • Assisted in Oracle Golden Gate Framework (Oracle to Oracle, Oracle to Flat File/Netezza & Oracle to Sybase); evaluated their existing setup & configuration, and then come up with the Industry Best practices, keeping in mind their current versions & platform combinations, which is not the latest.
  • Tested, recommended & implemented some configuration changes; primarily focusing on MANAGER & REPLICAT processes, which were their main bottlenecks.
  • Alongside designed their Oracle GG standards & technical documents for the companywide implementations.
  • Deployment Model: helped, documented & deployed using IBM ClearQuest family of tools.

Oracle Corp/ Duquesne Light, Pittsburgh, PA
Golden Gate Architect/Senior DBA
Oct 2015 – Dec 2015

  • Analyzed, architect, designed & developed, according to the business SLAs & needs; a complete frame work for Oracle Golden Gate implementation, which can be utilized and reused with no or minimal modifications for their future Oracle Golden Gate projects too
  • Articulate the best possible standards, processes and meaningful naming conventions for all of Oracle Golden Gate extracts, pumps & replicat processes, according to the business requirements
  • Responsible for installing, monitoring of performance & storage utilization too, plus upgrading of Oracle Golden Gate software
  • Designed and implemented High Availability Oracle Golden Gate systems for Oracle to Oracle replication
  • Extensive troubleshooting of typical Oracle Golden Gate technical issues: such as differences in the rows count from source to target, column mismatch errors, unique key violation … etc by using ggsci / logdump / discard file & ggserr.log analysis
  • Performance Tuning Oracle Golden Gate in high data volume environments
  • Configured Oracle Golden Gate for data manipulation to meet varied business requirements & needs
  • Train & mentor an existing Senior DBA on Golden Gate, who took training from Oracle Corp., shared with him, all the best practices and approaches, which are not documented elsewhere
  • Assisted other senior DBAs in setting up Oracle Wallet, performance tuning, backup & recovery; best practices & strategies too.

USCC, Bensenville IL
Lead Database Administrator/Architect
Aug 2014 – Aug 2015

  • Working as a production support DBA (AIX/OEL): responsible for day to day performance tuning, backup/recovery, upgrade, patching, bug fixes & working with Oracle Support (SR) for a 3 nodes RAC cluster, having 28 databases (2/3 instances – PROD only + DEV & QA), Oracle Database Appliance (ODA x3-2): 9 RAC One node databases, and some PCI compliance single instance databases, configured with Grid infrastructure.
  • Implemented Oracle Wallet/TDE (Oracle Advance Security) on AIX, using ACFS (ASM cluster file system)
  • Recently accomplished a quite complicated & complex DB Consolidation Project (16 production servers/20+ databases) on time, enable to save company more than a million dollars, in licensing and support cost.
  • Completed successfully a DB obfuscation project for PCI/Sox/PII Data compliance, extensively involved in implementing security to our databases, also working directly with IS Security Auditors (inside/outside) to implement the best practices to secure our customer data.
  • Also worked on Oracle Exadata (11204), doing replication using Oracle Golden Gate.
  • Configured Data Guard (Physical Standby) using DG Broker on RAC and standalone databases.
  • Extensively using OEM 12c (cloud control) to manage/monitor all of our databases using metrics and strong alerting system.

PrimeTech Services, Inc.
Mar 2014 – Jul 2014
Oracle Golden Gate 11.2 configured one way replication
Designed, configure & setup successfully, from scratch a complete Golden Gate for uni-direction replication for their OLTP databases
Installed/configured OEM 12c & agents on 4 different databases
Installed, configured & setup OEM 12c, with alerting & monitoring system, installed/configured agents on 5 different databases.
Upgrade Oracle to in-place & out-of-place Oracle upgrades from 11107 to 11204 on Oracle Enterprise Linux

Verizon Wireless, Warren NJ
Senior DBA/Architect (Development/QA)
Aug 2011 – Feb 2014

Working in MCS (Mobile Content Solutions) a 100 million customers product, responsible to develop some best practices approach for their development database environments, recently implemented data refreshes from Prod for their dev teams to test on real data, working on backup & recovery process flow, intense code reviews & best practices, schedule some training session with their dev teams, in order to give them some idea about new features and functionalities and how to benefit from them too, main task to create/test/verify DDL & DML scripts to be applied to PROD on release nights; very critical & important task, as need to check/verify diligently. Did work extensively on Advance Queue, CDC setup, FGAC, Datapump, a variety of CTAS & Online redefinitions too. Currently working on setting up RAC/ASM databases and also configuring Shareplex for our DEV dbs.

Env: 11gR2 – RAC on Solaris 10, in total there are 4 environments, each having 4 databases, with one environment running on 2 nodes RAC

Bank Nova Scotia, New York, NY
Senior DBA/Architect
Jul 2010 – Jul 2011

Worked as an architect/DBA for their flagship products Risk Warehouse & SCOTS; in the process of developing their complete data archival strategy/process, also made some major changes with respect to database performance tuning, presented some significant benefits in queries behavior, still the work is on, trying to implement the best practices approach from all perspectives; database design (OS & db internally), storage layout and placement of tablespaces & datafiles, statistics gathering, sql profiling and user management too.

Unisys Inc., Reston VA
Lead DBA/Architect (RAC)
Nov 2009 – Jun 2010

  • Lead architect/DBA of this biggest project (250 TB) for Mexico Govt. (Mexico’s biometric ID system), 5 people are reporting to me (4 developers and 1 junior DBA).
  • Participated and played a vital role in taking or assisting in important decisions, related to all phases of this MNID project; hardware, software, storage, networks and obviously databases, but not in application servers.
  • Coordinated, communicated and come up with a complete strategy, to integrate and articulate all the major components of the project, primarily from database perspective for each and every vendor, (Leida, LG, NEC, Daon), gathering of their requirements and come up with the best possible implementation plan.
  • Gather & coordinated their (Vendors) storage, growth pattern and performance needs and requirement for the period of 3 years, and also need to look & accommodate for their additional requirements, if any.
  • After getting signed off from all of these vendors, have implemented these databases (Standalone & RAC) according to the needs & requirements of these applications.
  • Design, develop & implement, 3 standalone & one Oracle 11gR2 RAC (2 nodes) servers + databases.

Environnent: Suse Enterprise Linux 10 (x86_64), Oracle Enterprise & Standard Edition, 11g (, Dell X5570 Servers, EMC Symmetrix V-MAX/Calriion Storage Array.

Wireless Generation, Brooklyn, NY
Senior Database Architect/Administrator
Sep 2008 – Oct 2009

As a senior member of the database team, responsible for all of their day to day database related activities, not only limited to Oracle, but also in charge of MySql and PostgreSql databases too.

It’s an hybrid environment; a combination of OLTP, as well as Decision Support Systems/Data Warehouse, key player from database perspective in their 2 flagship products mClass (OLTP) & Aris (DW), both on Oracle and some of their internal usage databases too for reporting purpose; e.g., sawmill, nagios, having almost more than 50 databases, all together (Oracle, MySql & Postgres), and doing all sorts of tasks; modeling/designing/developing (DB), backups, refreshes, installation, configuration, up-gradation & patching, creation of new databases/schemas, according to the needs of respective teams. Day to day performance tuning issues and concerns, gathering/exporting/importing statistics, have extensively used DataPump to populate their Data Marts on a daily basis, doing database/schemas refreshes from one database to another via a db link, most of the tasks are configured/automated using crontab. The environment was not a core Data Guard shop, but having Standby Databases (Physical), and just very recent was part of a team, implemented Logical Standby too, for read only access, also implemented Database Partitions. Put into practice strong documentation standards, using open source; wiki technologies. Also doing databases refreshes using Linux (OS) LVM snapshot functionality; virt-manager, got a very good exposure with Open Source Technologies.

Environnent: Linux 5.3 (64bit), Oracle Enterprise & Standard Edition, 10g ( & 9i (, MySql: 5.4, PostgreSql: 8.4

PrimeTech Services, Inc., Edison NJ
Oracle Architect/DBA/Trainer
Jan 2008 – Sep 2008

  • Played a vital role in their biggest project www.SuperOracle.com, a one stop shop for all Oracle needs, taking care of all of their databases on diversified operating systems; Windows, Sun Solaris & Linux.
  • Design and develop efficient pl/sql packages/procedures/functions, configuration files, tables, Materialized & normal views; implement best practices to maintain optimal performance.
  • Gather requirements, designed & developed several ODS, data warehouses, data marts & OLAP entities.
  • Train, manage & advised junior DBAs & developers, in organizing, designing & development of efficient & robust DSS/DW systems, implemented best ETL or ELT processes. Work with developers, DBAs, and systems support personnel in elevating and automating successful code to production.
  • Provide on-call support to production system to resolve any issues.
  • Responsible for Installing different versions of Oracle software, applying latest individual patches or cluster of patches to the operating system and to the Oracle database as well, according to the requirement of the client.

Environment: 13 databases, running on Oracle 11g, 10g & 9i, on Windows, Sun Solaris 9 & Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 4.

Campbell’s Soup, Camden NJ
Oracle Architect/DBA
July 2006 – Dec 2007

  • Managed all of the databases (Dev: 7, QA: 7 & PROD: 8) running on AIX 5.2, including a combination of 9i and 10g databases.
  • Responsible for their day to day issues and processing’s of all databases, taking care of performance tuning of database as well as applications, upgrades and applying of latest CPU patches/patchsets.
  • Major contribution: Automatic  gathering of all statistics (tables/indexes, partitions & sub partitions)
  • Upgraded the multiple databases from to manually & successfully, scheduling the backup using IBM standard scripts via RMAN using TWS (Tivoli Scheduling tool) to tape devices, working on monitoring tool using Web Interface and Oracle Application Express, also trying to consolidate all of their databases into each Dev, QA & Prod environment accordingly, configuring OEM standalone and Grid with AWR and ADDM

Environment: 22 databases, running in Oracle 9i & 10g, AIX 5L (5.2), biggest database is of 3.5 TB.

Sothebys, New York, NY
Oracle Database Architect
May 2006 – June, 2006

Assisting the team of DBAs/Developers for multiple short assignments:

  • Configure Database Resource Manager, to utilize the CPU resources appropriately, implemented till Production.
  • Helped in day to day Performance/Tuning Issues, using BSTAT/ESTAT, Explain Plan, STATSPACK, TKPROF & OEM.
  • Configure OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) & OMS (Oracle Management Server), to monitor and managed all the databases from single point, told them how to manage, events, jobs and agents in the whole environment.
  • Upgraded 2 databases from to and then to, configure from the OS level as well.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager for 10g, and train them how to utilize its capabilities & to monitor the databases, no OEM Grid Control.

Environment: 6 databases, running in Oracle 8i, 9i and upgraded 2 of them to 10g, Sun Fire V440/T2000 (Solaris 8/10), max db size 65 gigs.

Citigroup Inc., New York/New Jersey (Citibank)
Oracle Database Architect, Developer & Administrator
Jun 20014 – Apr 2006

  • HERMES: a company standard & approved practice of promoting applications (Oracle DDLs) to the final testing (UAT) & then to production environment. I’ve made our environment (Information Warehouse) compatible to this standard of the company, using technologies like Perl, awk, sed & unix scripting and now all the applications are being promoted using this standard.
  • Partition Maintenance/Data Warehouse: At the end of every month, the DBAs have to create new partitions and drop the old partitions, before dropping those partitions they have to export this data to a designated place, from where the backup process pickups up those files & store at a backup location; for 7 years. Before my arrival the whole process was manual and having a lot of mistakes, I made the whole process automatic, got very good complements from the senior management.
  • Active participant in day-to-day modeling related matters, performance issues & data security concerns.
  • Chief Architect of their GIW (Global Information Warehouse), designing & developing the whole new strategy.
  • The group has 4 different environments/databases (DEV, SIT, UAT & PROD), this is a warehouse environment, called Global Information Warehouse (GIW).
  • Introduced new features of Oracle databases in the environment, e.g., Oracle Streams, Materialized Views with fast refresh, stored outlines and worked on Data Guard as well, also implemented ASM technologies.
  • Accomplished 2 tasks that were pending for last 4 years: HERMES & automation of Partition Maintenance process.
  • Closely involved in Citibank most promising and prominent project Citidirect; the online portal for accounts management.
  • Taking care of all compliance issues related to Citibank standards.

Environment: 4 databases (DEV: 274GB, SIT: 380GB, UAT: 843GB (cluster) & PROD: 3.1TB cluster) on Oracle 8i/ on Sun Solaris, working with SQL Plus, PL/SQL, RMAN, Oracle Enterprise Manager, TOAD, DB Artisan, Erwin, Visio, Exceed, Sql Loader, EMC SRDF and MS Project.

Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Bridgewater NJ                                                                   
System Administrator & Oracle DBA
Dec 2003 – Apr 2004

Was responsible for 21 UNIX servers in total and 8 Oracle databases (4-8i & 4-9i databases).

  • Preparing servers from the operating system as well as from the Oracle perspective.
  • Applying latest individual patches or cluster of patches to the operating system and to the Oracle databases as well.
  • Creating user accounts/directories/permissions from operating system.
  • Installing Oracle software according to the requirements of the client, with different options (e.g., InterMedia)
  • Multiple instances of Oracle (8i & 9i both) are running on several (HP & Solaris) boxes according to the requirements of the applications, was responsible for making them stable and checking their performance when applications are making huge amount of transactions.
  • Automating the RMAN backup scripts, listener purge, alert log clearance, export backups, using shell scripts.
  • Designed & tested successfully the Disaster recovery drill from RMAN tapes backups to a different physical location.
  • Designed, develop & implemented the standby database/data guard strategy not only for failover but also for the backup purpose.
  • Responsible for all the DBA related jobs for all the instances; performance tuning, backup & recovery (RMAN & Legato) (if required), managing users & privileges, resource limits & etc.
  • Taking care of day-to-day related issues; importing/loading data, user related, performance tuning.
  • Increase the size not only from the database level but also at the file system OS level.
  • Helping application developers in data modeling and assist in the physical & logical design of the database.
  • Also responsible for selecting the best UNIX box for client’s application, with respect to number of CPUs, the load balancing and also setting the environment variables and do the capacity planning for these boxes.

Environment:     Oracle 8i and 9i, HP Unix 10 & 11i on 9000 series, Sun Solaris 8, Reflection X, Oracle Enterprise Manager, RMAN, Legato Networker, Oracle Management Server, CDE, SMC, Admintool & SAM.

Accenture, Cherry Hill, NJ
Oracle Development DBA
Sep 2003 – Nov 2003

Working for AT&T/IBM project at their Cherry Hill office, responsible for day-to-day basis responsibilities of a DBA with 3 different database administrators, it was a testing effort for AT&T’s 5 years project plan. Working on 11 Unix servers (HP & AIX) on different Oracle 8i database.

  • Having different versions of the same data in 2 different releases of the databases, working with the application developers on their regular issues regarding performance tuning, user & resource management, fragmentation & contention issues.
  • Responsible for the backup & recovery (RMAN) of some of the databases.
  • Oracle Database Administration using Oracle 9i in VLDB environment (1.4 to 2.0 terra byte), on different platforms (Unix Sun Solaris, AIX V5). Tasks included technical support, DB monitoring, application performance tuning, DB performance tuning, DB Reorg, space management, Backup & Recovery, DB Migrations, database troubleshooting, creation of DB schemas, objects, users, and roles.
  • Provide 24×7 Oracle Database production, test and development support for Project Kaleidoscope. (Project Kaleidoscope is a co-sourcing arrangement between AT&T and Accenture to transform AT&T Consumer’s long distance sales and customer care organization using Siebel Call Center 7.5, and Common Services).
  • Perform database migrations and DB change management using PVCS Version Manager.

Environment:     Oracle 8i and 9i, HP Unix 10 & 11i on 9000 series, IMB AIX, Exceed, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Server, TOAD, Sql Loader.

Lord Abbett, Jersey City, NJ
Oracle Production & Development DBA
Nov 2001 – Jul 2002

As part of the bid team for Lord Abbett, was responsible for gathering information relating to Oracle Database issues for the assessment part of the project of all related issues; database administration, performance tuning and backup & recovery (RMAN & Veritas). Major objective is to gather their current state information regarding database administration, and then on the basis of, give them suggestions & advices for the best practices, which can give them a strong ROI benefit.

  • Design & develop the architecture of the CPU as well as the databases.
  • Multiple databases on different platforms have to been taken care.
  • Studied and designed the physical & logical structure of the databases according to business requirements.
  • Rules of segregating the data read only & read/write.
  • Providing functional & technical support for the data warehousing development teams.
  • Implementation of Data Integrity, constraints, triggers (database/application).
  • Utilization of the new features of Oracle8i.
  • In the performance tuning, design a complete strategy (D, A, M, I/O, C), utilizing Oracle & 3rd party tools.
  • Identifying the issues regarding resources, of CPU as well as the users, implement optimal usage.
  • Change Management: design & implement a plan, so the data stewards/ownership cannot be conflicted.
  • Designed & Implemented the RMAN backups for production databases.
  • Utilizing the 3rd party tools and Oracle built-in powerful & strong capabilities & facilities.
  • Backup strategy: utilizing RMAN & Legato full, incremental and cumulative.
  • Recovery strategy, full, on the basis of datafiles, or on the basis of table spaces or block recovery.
  • Create a complete report with suggestions, advices & best practices in the industry for a Large Data

Warehouse project, including all the process from ODS (Operational Data Stores) à ETL (Extraction,

Transformation, Loading) à EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) à Data Marts

  • Utilizing the most practiced & renowned star schema and snowflake schema.

Environment:     4 different databases on Oracle 9i/8i & 8, working with Sql Plus, PL/SQL, DB Artisan, Erwin,  Visio, Data Stage,  Business Objects, Java (JSPs/Servlets) on HP Unix 10, Sun Solaris 8 & Windows NT/2000 boxes.

Tera Solutions, Piscataway, NJ
Oracle Production DBA    
Feb 2000 – Oct 2001

Managing three 24×7 production databases on OPS/RAC (Oracle Parallel Server, 2 instances for each database), two development databases & one training database (Total 6) as Oracle DBA. Performing routine Oracle DBA tasks on three remote locations to keep the database consistent, up & running. 20 to 30 users per instance with a large database are using the whole system.

  • Involved in the capacity planning of a Production DBA.
  • Studied the existing data model, business rules and make the required changes in the existing logical and physical database design using ER-Win 3.5.
  • Strongly involved in user training and technical documentation.
  • Involved in the Production database Size Estimation.
  • Tuned frequently used SQL Statements and PL/SQL Blocks using SQL-Lab and increased performance by passing appropriate HINTS, by utilizing the best optimization techniques.
  • Application design also utilizes the Java language.
  • Tuned Oracle Production database through SGA Tuning (Shared pool, Database buffer Cache, Redo log buffer) and minimized frequent swapping and paging of SGA.
  • Extensively used the new features of Oracle 8i in the areas of
    • Global Temporary Tables, Function base indexes, instead of trigger.
    • Parallel Query and Parallel DML Options (Oracle Parallel Server/RAC)
    • Object oriented approach in database design (object views, types)
    • Using FGAC (Fine-Grained Access Control) to enforce security policies at a low level of granularity.
    • Password management.
    • Refreshing database, imp/exp., backup
    • Space management.
    • Native dynamic SQL
    • Involved in table redesigning with implementation of Partitions Table and Partition Indexes to make database faster and easier to maintain.
    • Created Stored sub programs with Dynamic SQL at both client and Server side (DBMS_SQL, Native Dynamic SQL at Server Side and EXECUTE_SQL at Client side).
  • Involved in the Application Reorganization and Re-engineering.
  • Developed lots of Shell Scripts (POSIX) to validate and transfer data from Legacy Systems to Oracle Database.
  • Involved in the management moving new application releases through different stages of the application cycle (Development Database, Customer Test Database, and Production Database).
  • Extensively Involved in writing PL/SQL procedures, functions, triggers & packages, Java Procedures and then Multi-threading them through Unix Shell Script.
  • Design Tables, Constraints, Views, and Indexes etc. in accordance with the application development team.

Environment: Oracle 9i/8i & 8, PL/SQL, Sql Lab 3.2/4.0, HP Unix 10/11, Windows NT/2000, Windows98,

OPS/RAC (Oracle Parallel Server), Developer 2000/6i, Java (JSPs/Servlets), HP-9000 series, 600 GB Production environment.

Teaching Experiences

Union County College, (Cranford campus) NJ
Faculty Chairperson (February 2003 – December 2004)
Conducting Oracle9i Database Administration Certification track (OCP)

NetCom Information Technology, NYC, NY

Conducting at their Empire State Building Campus Oracle 11g core Certification Curriculum.

InFinal Technologies, Inc. Piscataway, NJ

Conducted Oracle 9i core Certification Courses (visiting faculty)

Avtech Computer Training Institute, (Piscataway)

Instructor (January 2003 – June 2004)

Conducting Oracle8i and 9i Certification curriculum.

Career Vision NJ/NY

Instructor (November 2002- February 2003)

Conducting Oracle DBA & Sun Solaris classes in their New York & New Jersey campuses.

XINCON Technology School Inc. (New Jersey)

Instructor (June 2002- December 2002)

Conducting Oracle Certification Program (OCP DBA/Developer), Sun Certified Java Program (SCJP) and HP-

Unix Administration courses to their students and corporate clients.

Certification Courses & Education:

  • Bachelors of Commerce in 1991
  • Java Certification Program (covering SCJP & SCJD curriculum) from Tec
  • Completed Six-month course: Oracle Developer/2000 from ICSS COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE – 1998.
  • Completed Six-month course: Oracle7.3 Database Administration from ICSS COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE – 1997.
  • Completed Two years (Four Modules) Diploma in Computer Science from COMPACC COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE – 1991.