How to Install Grid/ASM for Single Instance on Oracle cloud:


Installation of  Grid/ASM for single instance on cloud:

First open the browser any browser and type oracle cloud.

And sign-in your Oracle cloud
And select the three-line bar beside Oracle cloud.

And Select the option of Bare metal and VM and Exa data

After selecting that the next step is select Create DB system
1. Select a compartment name which is you want to provide
Name your DB system which is you want to provide
Select an availability domain
Select a shape type which is virtual machine
Select a shape vm standard 2.2 2 Available Core Count, 1 Node Count which are basic if you want u can change

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OEM Agent is Down


Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent is down

2 of Single Instance database OEM agent was down.


2 OEM agents are down for 2 databases: one prod & one dev

— login to the box

need to know the owner, who installed this oem agent, mostly it’s oracle, but in RAC, it’s owned by grid.

how to find oem agent installed location/directory:

find / -name emctl -print 2>/dev/null

cd  <directory>

ls -lrt     – this’ll tell you the owner

$ find / -name emctl -print 2>/dev/null

/u01/app/agent/core/12.1… Read more