Oracle 12c PSU


Note: Change -n ch-orcldb-s02 to -n ch-orcldb-s01 when doing node 1.
Note: This patch 20024405 is a no conflict on orcl stage as it is not installed on this cluster.

1. Applying GI PSU Jul2017 Patch 25901062 patch manually on orcl Stage cluster:

=============================== Manual Steps ==========================

— stop GG
. Stop GoldenGate if running on the server.
. as it’s a 2 nodes RAC cluster, we need to make sure (recommended) to identify from where GG is running:
ps -ef | grep mgr
. this’ll tell you, GG is runn… Read more “Oracle 12c PSU”

Red Hat 7.4 Kernel Upgrade


Red Hat 7.4 Kernel Upgrade

Oracle 12c – 2 nodes RAC Cluster Kernel Upgrade to 693 kernel

1) Upgrade kernel and supporting packages:

# yum install kernel-3.10.0-693.5.2.el7 kmod-oracleasm-2.0.8-19.el7 kmod-20-15.el7_4.4 kmod-libs-20-15.el7_4.4 kernel-headers-3.10.0-693.5.2.el7 kernel-tools-3.10.0-693.5.2.el7 kernel-tools-libs-3.10.0-693.5.2.el7 kexec-tools-2.0.14-17.2.el7_4

2) Upgrade Oracle… Read more “Red Hat 7.4 Kernel Upgrade”

Check OS


How to check/verify the current existing Operating System (Unix/Linux)

Open a terminal program (get to a command prompt) and type uname -a. This will give you your kernel version, but might not mention the distribution your running. To find out what distribution of linux your running (Ex. Ubuntu) try lsb_release -a or cat /etc/*release or cat /etc/issue* or cat /proc/version.

Ref:… Read more “Check OS”



Real Application Testing – step by step
Source Oracle: 11204 (single instance)
Target Oracle: 12102 (2 nodes RAC cluster+pluggable db)

Pre Requisit:
Need to decide/find the times, when would like to capture the load, it’s recommended to start small; 15 mins, 30 mins or max 1 hr
We did for couple of hours, not recommended, but not a bad idea, but should start small first and then proceed, if reports look good (6-11, 9-11, 14-16, 19-22)
Let’s assume our company peak time is 10 am – 11 am… Read more “RAT”

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