Real Application Testing – step by step
Source Oracle: 11204 (single instance)
Target Oracle: 12102 (2 nodes RAC cluster+pluggable db)

Pre Requisit:
Need to decide/find the times, when would like to capture the load, it’s recommended to start small; 15 mins, 30 mins or max 1 hr
We did for couple of hours, not recommended, but not a bad idea, but should start small first and then proceed, if reports look good (6-11, 9-11, 14-16, 19-22)
Let’s assume our company peak time is 10 am – 11 am

After finalizing the capture time, need to know how to built the Target db, in our case, we used 2 options (expdp/impdp & impdp via db link), both are ok, we have our target db up & running, just need to drop all these schema/users and then used any any of the option to initialized the target db.

Now the important task is to identify how much time, it’s gonna take to complete initialization of the target site; in our case, option 2 was taking 6 hours to complete, if would like to capture the load starting from 10 am, have to make sure that our initialization completed by this time, then only we can start the capture on the Source site.

Have to start my impdp via db link at 3:30 or 4 am, because after it’s completion, have to verify objects/grants and everything too.
– do check the impdp log file for any errors
— impdp script

— after import completed, check the valid/in-valid objects counts, compare objects from Source & Target, run this query on Source & Target and compare the counts:
select owner, count(*) objects,
count(case when status = ‘VALID’ then 1 end) “Valid”,
count(case when status <> ‘VALID’ then 1 end) “In-Valid”
from dba_objects
where owner in (‘SCOTT’,’DEMO’,’HR’)
group by owner
order by owner;

— try to have the same count @TARGET, as it is @SOURCE

Can use restore using ADG (Active Data Guard), if endians are same: Endian Check: SELECT platform_id, platform_name,endian_format FROM V$TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM order by 2;


We already scripted grants & synonyms scripts for these 3 schema.
— executed the grants or anything to have the same coutns

@SOURCE (start capture)
– create directory object, where you would like to store these capture files
select * from dba_directories order by 2;
create or replace directory RATCAP as ‘/mnt/rat/cap10am’;

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