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Generating a SSH key pair using the PuTTY Key Generator


How To generate a SSH key pair using PuTTY Key Generator,

1. Find puttygen.exe in the PuTTY folder on your computer, for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY. Double-click puttygen.exe to open it.

2. Accept the default key type, SSH-2 RSA.
SSH-2 is the most recent version of the SSH protocol (and is incompatible with SSH-1). RSA and DSA are algorithms for computing digital signatures

3. Set the Number of bits in a generated key to 2048 bits, if it is not already set with that value.
This sets the size of your key and thus the security level. A minimum of 2048 bits is recommended for SSH-2 RSA.

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How to Install Grid/ASM for Single Instance on Oracle cloud:


Installation of  Grid/ASM for single instance on cloud:

First open the browser any browser and type oracle cloud.

And sign-in your Oracle cloud
And select the three-line bar beside Oracle cloud.

And Select the option of Bare metal and VM and Exa data

After selecting that the next step is select Create DB system
1. Select a compartment name which is you want to provide
Name your DB system which is you want to provide
Select an availability domain
Select a shape type which is virtual machine
Select a shape vm standard 2.2 2 Available Core Count, 1 Node Count which are basic if you want u can change

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